vendredi 29 avril 2011

Karito Kids

Ces grandes poupées (53 cm), ne sont pas commercialisées en France, elles sont uniquement vendues aux USA et au Canada. Quelques magasins en ligne expédient en Europe via UPS, mais attention aux frais de port et éventuellement aux frais de douane!!
De plus, lorsque vous achetez une poupée, 3% du prix d'achat est reversé à une oeuvre caritative de votre choix - le plus souvent en faveur des enfants. Voir le site officiel de ces poupées.

La collection compte six poupées typées de différents pays. Dans l'image ci-dessous, de gauche à droite :
- Piper d'Australie: cheveux blond clair, yeux bleus.
- Lulu du Kenya : noire, cheveux noir - coupe afro, yeux marrons.
- Ling de Chine : asiatique, cheveux noir, yeux marrons.
- Pita du Mexique : cheveux brun, yeux noisette.
- Zoe des USA : cheveux blond, yeux verts.
- Gia d'Italie : cheveux châtain, yeux marrons.

«These 21” poseable dolls are hand-strung and constructed from vinyl with no phthalates added.  To properly model their fashions, the dolls are constructed with a 1/3-vinyl breastplate. To ensure the much-desired “cuddle” factor, 2/3 of the torso is soft 100% cotton and polyester fill. The hair is wigged and can be washed and styled.
Each doll features an original sculpt that focuses on the distinctive beauty of each ethnicity. The sculpts were designed to represent features of African, Asian, Caucasian, Latin and Mediterranean ethnicities.
Standing apart at 21” tall, they are uniquely sized to emphasize the latest fashions and realistic body of an 11-year-old girl. They are designed to be a comfortable size for children of different ages to carry along as a companion.
Each doll is strung with fully articulated head, arms and legs so they can sit, stand, and be posed in many positions. The clothing and accessories reflect high quality and detail throughout the design and fabric selections. Designed for girls age 6 and up».

«Every Purchase Helps Another Child - Like all Karito Kids products, three percent of the retail price helps another child—and purchasers decide how! Every item comes with a special code allowing them to log on to, play great games, earn extra World Change™ and direct their gift to one of four causes: school, home, health or food».

Voici le visage de Zoe, des Etats-Unis.

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