dimanche 1 mai 2011

Patrons gratuits pour les Karito Kids

A Liberty Jane Clothing, il y comme pour les poupées American Girl et les BFC Ink, plusieurs patrons de couture gratuits (3 formes différentes de tee-shirts) pour les poupées Karito Kids.

Tee-shirt rouge, ICI.
Tee-shirt rayé, ICI.
Tee-shirt bleu, ICI.

«This is a beautifully illustrated pattern guidebook that you digitally download as a pdf file so you can start sewing your new Karito Kids, 21 inch, doll strappy tank immediately. The Adobe pdf viewer is required. You simply print out the pdf and you’re ready to start. The Guidebook provides the pattern pieces and step-by-step instructions for creating the Liberty Jane Strappy Tank for your 21 inch Karito Kids Doll».

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